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Why Choose Blum Fittings and Systems?


Kitchen Storage Solutions

Firstly, storage. Research shows that up to 66% of new kitchen buyers are dissatisfied with the amount of storage available in their kitchens after installation. Blum have spent years of research and development creating products to provide optimum storage solutions. How have they done this? By ensuring that all of the internal volume of the cabinets is intelligently used with full and immediate access to even the most difficult recesses of the internal space.

Perfecting Your Pantry


Do you have a disorganised Pantry?

Do you have trouble finding those food items that you know you have purchased, but just can't locate? Are you constantly moving food items aside to reach to the back of the shelf?

Kitchen Storage Solutions From Blum


Why choose Blum fittings and systems?

Buying any fitted furniture – particularly kitchens – is initially based on the external look of the product. But once installed and in use it the way in which it works and functions that becomes of paramount importance. This is why it is essential to choose a kitchen equipped with Blum fittings and systems.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers


Dynamic Space

Vivant uses the Dynamic Space range of kitchen shelving to complement our kitchen designs.


Blum Motion Solutions


Blum Motion Solutions; Giving you a Smoother Kitchen Experience

The BLUM brand has made a name for itself as the Rolls-Royce of motion fitting systems for kitchen furniture. The company’s revolutionary approach to hinge, pull-out and lift systems has produced some simply outstanding results and you’ll find that most high-end kitchens all over the world are fitted with BLUM movement products.

Every Blum product creates effortless motion. Choose SERVO-DRIVE and TIP-ON for smooth opening; rely on BLUMOTION for silent and effortless closing.



At Select Interiors we strive to achieve your ideal space, making work in the kitchen much easier by:

  • Planning for enough storage space.
  • Planning in 5 kitchen zones: Consumables, Non-consumables, Cleaning, Preparation and Cooking.
  • Avoiding fixed shelves in base units.
  • Selecting full extensions with an inner dividing system.
  • Selecting fittings that function perfectly for an excellent quality of motion.

Times change - so do kitchen standards



ORGA-LINE is a high-quality dividing system made from stainless steel for the interior of drawers and high fronted pull-outs. This system uses various containers as well as cross and lateral dividers to provide the right location for all storage items. It provides organisation and gives an excellent overview of the contents in all drawers and high fronted pull-outs.

Blum ORGA-LINE - the convenient, adjustable, attractive dividing system for drawers.

Blum ORGA-LINE for Cutlery

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