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Customer Service and Support

At Vivant, we do not take our customers for granted. We have therefore set up a good customer service support to take care of all your needs and questions. We are committed to high quality, which is an important driving force in our corporate culture. You cannot separate Vivant and consistently high quality. We have an outstanding reputation, which we back up by our great warranty. Our customer service representatives will listen carefully to your needs in order to give you a personalised solution that fits your individual situation.

We understand that keys to customer service is not about making necessary corrections. Our customer service representatives take a proactive role in the daily management of the needs of all our customers. We offer customer service support with a human face, where our representatives will give you an attentive listening ear and give you our professional advice.

We take pride in our reputable brand "VIVANT" that gives you high quality at reasonable rates. Our customer service representatives are people who are highly skilled in our line of business and committed to seeing that your needs are addressed adequately.

Our effective customer service team will give you ample support on such areas as:

Vivant Design Services

Kitchen Remodelling - Detailed sequence of Events

Phase 1: Space Preparation

Preparation & Demolition:

  • Contractor schedules the demolition of cabinet, liaising with the electrician, plumber, dry wall and painter
  • Emptying cabinets of all cooking implements, such as pots, pans, and dishes.
  • Protecting existing floor if it is not to be replaced.
  • Demolition of existing cabinetry and appliances (drywall ceiling, walls & flooring).
  • Removing demolition debris from the site.

Rough Ins:

  • Relocating any existing or new constructions if necessary (walls, skylights, window)
  • Relocating electrical rough-ins for outlets, appliances & lighting
  • Installing new electrical rough-ins if need be (15A for oven or new microwave circuit, etc.)
  • Plumber locates the sink drain and clears away finished floor on the cabinetry
  • New mechanical rough-ins if necessary (such as new gas or water lines to islands, etc.)
  • Installation and wiring new ceiling lighting as well as under cabinet lighting

Drywall, Paint & Flooring:

  • Applying new drywall, patch up, and coats as necessary
  • Prime coat drywall, one coat of paint
  • Installing new flooring before cabinet installation

Scheduling of Trades:

  • Scheduling of cabinet installation with project assistant (three to four weeks notice)
  • Scheduling worktop fabricator for measuring
  • Scheduling and delivery of sinks & appliances to the job-site before cabinet installation

Phase 2: Installation of Cabinets

  • Installing cabinet bases, uppers, and tall cabinetry
  • Installing plywood rough tops and making appliance cut-outs
  • Inspection of job site and walking there with the owner
  • Reviewing Sequence of Events list with the owner once more
  • Removing cabinet wrapping debris from the job-site

Phase 3: Countertop & Appliance Installation

  • Scheduling appliance installation
  • Worktop installation
  • Installation of appliances and sinks
  • Electrical and mechanical hook-ups (plumbing, electrical outlets and switches, as well as under cabinet lights, etc.)

Phase 4: Final Installation

  • Installation of lights
  • Detailing cabinetry (clean out cabinet interiors, adjust doors & drawers, fine tune cabinetry)
  • Finalise the inspection of job-site with the owner

Vivant looks forward to creating a modern kitchen that is a true expression of your unique taste.

Our Customer service support contact number : (65) 63386268 and customer online service email address :