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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to install a new kitchen, what should I buy?

For a detailed answer, please review our kitchen remodel checklist. Whatever items you want to include in your modern kitchen, you should ensure that you use quality products, which is where Blum products stand out.

Can I get more space for storage?

Vivant will help you to carry targeted planning, which takes storage space as an important priority. For instance, our pull-out designs will help you to get more storage space without feeling squeezed in your new kitchen.

How much weight should I put in my pull-out systems?

We design our pull-outs with heavy load in mind. They are therefore able to accommodate as much as 80kg and safe to use depending upon the specification a full extension runner.

Are there any important ergonomic considerations?

When designing your modern kitchen, you should take your own height into consideration to ensure that you will be able to work in comfort. The rule of thumb is to allow 15cm between you elbow (when you fold your arm) and your work area. However, this does not mean that everything should be installed in the same height. Some, like the oven, should be lower. You will thus not only maintain a proper posture but also exercise your back for an overall good health.

Won't installing a modern kitchen be too costly?

In addition to cost, you should consider how frequently and how long you intend to use the kitchen. In any case, studies have shown that you will save in the long run by installing a modern kitchen, and there isn't much difference between its cost and that of an ordinary kitchen.


BLUMOTION is the special technology we use in designing the movement of doors and pull-outs, which makes them close silently and without too much effort on your part. The contents of your drawers will also not shift about as open or close the drawers.

Can I have Blum ORGA-LINE in my drawers?

Blum ORGA-LINE can fit into any drawer providing you have Tandembox (Double-Walled steel drawer). Minimum carcass width for cutlery/utensil inserts - 275mm.

What are the available colours?

Drawer dividers are available in Stainless Steel & White. Cutlery/Utensil inserts are available in Stainless Steel with Dust Grey ends. The Knife Holder, Plate Holder and Non-Slip drawer liner are available in Dust Grey.

How do I maintenance my Blum ORGA-LINE products?

The Stainless Steel inserts can be removed and simply cleaned in the dishwasher. The white drawer dividers can be wiped with a clean damp cloth, and the Stainless Steel dividers can be kept looking great by using 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. Non-Slip drawer liner can simply be kept looking new by wiping with a clean damp cloth.

How do I know what kind of Blum system products to be use in my kitchen?

This is where our delicated personalised service come in which will benefit you. We will visit your home and discuss what are the best options for the cabinets of your kitchen. We then measure your drawers and advise what would be best suited which ultimately help to create your perfectly organised kitchen.

How do I take care of my modern kitchen

In order to address this FAQ, please refer to our Care and Maintenance page.

What's the price of a kitchen cabinet?

Please refer to our Kitchen Cabinet Estimate page for more information.

Does Vivant offer bath products?

Yes, Vivant offers base and wall vanity cabinets, tops as well as linen cabinets.

What about accessories?

Vivant is the Authorised Dealer of Blum South East Asia Pte Ltd, and we carry a complete range of Blum fittings and accessories for your cabinets.

How can I get replacement hinges?

Please contact us or visit our showroom for additional assistance.

What does Corian® mean?

This is a brand name for a superior material used in solid surfacing, and is commonly used in designing countertops.

Is CaesarStone durable?

Being resistant to such things as stains, scratches, cracks, and chips, CaesarStone is quite durable. You should, however, avoid putting too much weight on it.

Are Vivant products covered by any type of guarantee/warranty?

Vivant's current products warranty is One year on the cabinets. All Blum products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. This does not cover damage to the products themselves when they have been misused for purposes other than that for which they are intended. They must not be exposed to acidic or corrosive materials (contained in some household cleaning products) and must be kept clean and undamaged to ensure that Blum products function correctly. To read or print the details, please visit our Homeowner Warranty page.