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Best Kitchen Accessories

Benefit from stylish kitchen accessories

To help us give you the best experience with your modern kitchen design, Vivant ensure that all the modern kitchen accessories we use are of the highest quality. We are in close partnership with renowned manufacturers from such places as Italy, Austria, Germany, and other parts of the world, which puts us in the best position to give you great ergonomic solutions that help you to maximise the space you have and be stylish at the same time. Some of the solutions include Blum aventos, Blumotion, Tandembox intivo, Tandembox drawer designs, Blumservo-drive, Blum hinges, Tip-on, and Blum orgaline kitchen accessories. Our selections are the most comprehensive you will be able to find anywhere.

Some of the things that cannot be separated from modern kitchens are modern kitchen cabinets. Vivant has specialised in custom made kitchen cabinets from 1989, and our years of experience enable us to give you quality products. We bring a special touch of European style to Singapore, and all our partner-manufacturers back their products with great warranties. You will never forget your experience with us.

Blum Kitchen Aid Accessories

The special Blum hinges are concealed, and you will love the experience of opening and closing your pieces of furniture. Some of the kitchen accessories include lift systems, clip top, as well as compact and modul. Blum uses advanced fittings that will make you enjoy the motion of your pieces of furniture, particularly in the kitchen. We will enhance your opening experience with Blumotion. 

Servo-drive pull-out systems 

The servo-drive mechanism requires just a little pressure on handleless fronts or light pull on handles to open them.  You can use this system hand in hand with tandembox pullout systems. You can use the system with Blumotion. Get more experience in your opening experience with SERVO-DRIVE  and View more pictures

download product information (KA090_en.pdf)


Eubic Quality Kitchen Accessories

The Eubic kitchen accessories will revolutionise your power outlet system, which makes repositioning of power cables relatively easy. Eubic power track of just one metre can accommodate 16 Eubic plugs or 12 adapters. The stainless kitchen accessories are very durable. The system is compatible with major power outlet systems from different places.


CaesarStone Kitchen Accessories

Quartz is one of the hardest natural materials, and CaesarStone took advantage of this to give you brand surfacing kitchen accessories of very high quality, which has made them receive worldwide acclaim. These quality kitchen accessories are suitable for all interior surfaces, from wall paneling to kitchen countertops. In addition to being attractive, these products are very durable and clean. They are also more consistent.


Corian Kitchen Sink Accessories

Customising Corian accessories is very easy, and you will thus be able to come up with a very unique design that show your style and individuality.  You will be able to choose from more than 130 colours. These kitchen accessories are quite strong.

Corian Website

download sink and bowl collection (corian_sinks_bowls_en.pdf)


Tambour Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

This modular system is ideal for drawers of medium to heavy duty functions. It ha a counter-balanced mechanism and door slabs that are designed for different sizes of doors. The doors will therefore not slam, as they will remain at designated positions

Tambour Website

download Tambour_modular and Tambourdoor


As a leading dealer of top manufacturers of Italian kitchen accessories, Vivant will help you to own special European products right within Singapore at an affordable price. Backed by more that 21 years of experience, we will help you to get the best kitchen accessories.