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Why Choose Blum Fittings and Systems?

Why Choose Blum Fittings and Systems?

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Firstly, storage. Research shows that up to 66% of new kitchen buyers are dissatisfied with the amount of storage available in their kitchens after installation. Blum have spent years of research and development creating products to provide optimum storage solutions. How have they done this? By ensuring that all of the internal volume of the cabinets is intelligently used with full and immediate access to even the most difficult recesses of the internal space.
So fixed shelves in base units have been eliminated and drawers and internal pull-outs mounted on perfect motion, full-extension runner and drawer boxes like the Blum Tandembox. The interiors need to be properly organised by using flexible organisational systems like ORGA-LINE and galleries plus dividers. Special units like the Blum SPACE CORNER and the innovative Under-sink and plinth drawers use normally difficult or wasted space. What Blum do is use the full depth and height of the cabinet.

Secondly, function and in particular motion. Blum have developed amazing products under the banner of “Perfecting Motion”. This means that all components used to assist in the opening and closing of drawers, have integral BLUMOTION soft close, including the superb AVENTOS lift system for overhead wall cabinets. Now Blum have introduced SERVO-DRIVE electro-mechanical opening in response to slight pressure (and closing in the case of the AVENTOS overhead lift doors).

All of the products and systems combine seamlessly to create a superbly functioning kitchen. As Blum say: “We don’t make kitchens, we make kitchens work”.