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Wine Cellar



Fhiaba's X8991TWT wine cellar combines the optimal preservation environment for fine wines with the large TriMode drawer, where it is possible to select temperature and humidity levels perfect for preserving beverages and frozen or fresch foods, depending on everyday needs. Cantina and Riserva compartments will protects your finest bottles from sudden temperature changes, vibrations and UV rays, preserving their character and aroma for longer. Installation can be built-in or freestanding with stainless steel side panels.

Energy Efficiency Class A
Total NoFrost
TriPro Refrigeration
9 Wood Shelves for bottles
Riserva Compartment
TriMode Bottom-Drawer
FhiabaAccess Interactive Menu
LED Lighting
Stainless Steel Exterior
Anti-bacterial Stainless Steel Interior
Anti-UV Glass Door

Technical Data

  • Height: 2111 mm (83,1 in)
  • Width: 887 mm (34,9 in)
  • Depth: 691 mm (27 in)
  • Net Weight: 280 kg (566 lb)
Cantina Compartment
  • Wooden Shelves: 3 (11 bottiglie)
Riserva Compartment
  • Wooden Shelves: 6 (11 bottiglie)
Energy Efficiency
  • Energy consumption:1,11/408
Trimode Compartment
  • Bottom-Drawers: 1
  • Internal drawers: 1 ice tray + 1 drawers
  • Riserva Compartment: 66 bottles
  • Wine Cellar Compartment: 33 bottles
  • TriMode Compartment: 139 l
Installation Area Technical Info
  • Door Opening Angle: 105°<
  • Door Opening: 1502 mm (59,1 in)
  • Minimum Niche Height: 2116 mm (83,3 in)
  • Niche Widht: 900 mm (35,4 in)
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 Professional Installation Guide
 Model Specification