How to choose the right kitchen cabinets

Whether you are looking to build a custom kitchen or remodel your existing one, smart storage solutions will be a major component of your new kitchen.

Here are 6 factors that you should consider, in order to select the right kitchen cabinets for your dream kitchen set up.

1. Your Kitchen Layout

Your kitchen design will determine how much space you can allocate for storage, as well as the best locations to install your kitchen cabinets.

It’s important to first identify how much space you have, before choosing the kitchen cabinets or other storage solutions.

2. Your Budget

Depending on the budget you are working with, you have a wide variety of choice from custom built, personalised kitchen cabinet designs, to modular solutions.

Most importantly, choose high quality material that lasts.

3. Type of Doors and Drawers

It is advisable to select doors and drawers that fit the users of your kitchen. Take note of the following:

  • Is it easier to have panel sliding doors or hinged doors?
  • Would drawers or open shelves be a better solution for you?
  • Would a lift system door be easier for you?
  • How about automated door systems?

Before you make a decision, examine your current cooking habits. This will give you a better idea of the types of kitchen cabinets that suit you.

4. Strength of your kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets will be used to store items. It is wise to determine how strong your kitchen cabinets need to be, before deciding on the material and design of your cabinets.

Check the weight capacity to determine if it is suitable for you. For example, Vivant’s custom kitchen cabinets are rated to handle up to 70 kg loads.

If you are purchasing modular storage systems, check that the drawers fit well without slipping or getting stuck. You should add some weight to the drawers and close them to test the railing system. For example, the Blum LEGRABOX drawer slides combine smooth running action with many other features to make a drawer slide of unmatched in quality, style and running action for 70 kg dynamic weight capacity.

5. Durability

If you’re looking for high quality kitchen cabinets that last, it is important to note if your cabinet, drawers and baskets have been tested for long term usage.

For example, Vivant’s drawers have been tested for 160,000 movements while the baskets reach 200,000 movements.

Check with your manufacturer or contractor for more details.

6. Design of your kitchen cabinets

Now that you’ve gotten the technical aspects out of the way, you’ve probably narrowed down your options vastly.

Whether you go for a modular off the shelf solution, or custom made kitchen cabinets, you’ll probably want something that fits the theme of your kitchen.

The Vivant kitchen cabinet is built to order. You can customise every aspect of your kitchen cabinet (eg. style, finish, cabinet size, construction, decorative enhancements and more), without breaking the bank. Contact us for a non-obligatory quote.