Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the major component of any new custom kitchen or kitchen remodelling project.

Whether you are building a dream kitchen in a good class bungalow or in a HDB flat, the options available for materials and configurations in Singapore are staggering, and it’s easy for anyone to end up confused.

Should you go for ready-made kitchen cabinets or custom made? Where does one go to buy ready made kitchen cabinets in Singapore? Who should you go to for eco-friendly materials? Who are the best custom kitchen designers and builders in Singapore? What are the price points for either option? Are cheap kitchen cabinets actually cheap in the long run? Are stainless steel kitchen cabinets better? What about countertop materials for the cabinets? What about faucets, sinks and plumbing?

Of course there are some good benefits of doing all this yourself, but if you believe in doing it once and doing it right, please contact us. Let our experts think this through for you.