Kitchen Countertops

The most important surface in your kitchen.

Kitchen countertops are the most important surface of any kitchen, choosing the right material for your worktop not only has a direct effect on how the kitchen looks, but also how you feel when your work.

In the past, it was either wood, stone or steel. Today, the modern kitchen has more options for kitchen countertops than ever before – each with its own advantages. 

Vivant works with only the best wood, steel, stone and synthetic material providers in their respective fields to ensure our customers get the best quality available – partners like Cosentino, an industry leader in natural and synthetic stone surfaces. 

So should you go with wood, and have a surface that ages with grace, or go with the robust beauty of quarts for your custom kitchen island or kitchen countertops?

Let our experts give you in-depth advice to find material from our range that best suits your needs.