Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen should evolve with your lifestyle

It’s no surprise that as you improve your lifestyle, your needs and habits around your kitchen changes too.

This could be the perfect time to remodel and upgrade your kitchen.

Your Kitchen Remodeling Checklist

A kitchen remodeling project might sound daunting, especially if you plan to live in while work is being done. 

We hope you will find this checklist useful.

It is broken down into two sections, the first includes questions that will hopefully guide you with your kitchen redesign, the second focuses on the key considerations you need to take when remodeling work is in progress.

Section 1: Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

  1. Practical Expectations for the kitchen
    • Will there be elder folks using the kitchen?
    • Does any of your kitchen users have any physical limitations? (lack of strength, height, handicap requirements, etc)
    • Do you plan to continue using the same kitchen design as you age?
  2. Your cooking workflow:
    • Are you remodeling your kitchen for yourself or your loved one who likes to cook?
    • How many people will be in the kitchen at a given time?
    • Do you require two sinks for prep work and washing up?
    • What is your preferred size of sink(s) for your cooking style?
  3. Stylistic Expectation for your kitchen
    • What style is your dream kitchen? 
    • What type of countertop would suit?
    • Would you want a decorative hood?
    • Would you like to have a handling rack for your frequently used pots, pans and kitchen accessories?
    • Do you prefer open cabinets or closed cabinet designs? 
    • Would you like wooden or glass doors on your cabinets? 
  4. Do you plan to hold house parties or entertain your guests in this space?
    • How many guests would you like to fit in the space?
    • What kinds of parties do you have in mind?
    • Do you need dining spaces?
  5. Your storage needs
    • Do you purchase and store groceries in bulk?
    • Are you an avid cook and require additional space for your equipment?
    • Do you need a dedicated space for specific equipment?
  6. Your range of appliances
    • Do you require additional appliances? For example, fridges, ovens, dishwashers, dish dryers, microwave ovens, espresso machines, etc.
    • Would you prefer to place them in an open space or have them hidden when not in use?
    • How much space would you require for these appliances?
  7. Miscellaneous Requirements
    • Do you have pets, and would you require pet food storage solutions and feeding stations?
    • Would you require a recycling station or center?
    • How about a message center?
    • Do you need a dump center or a mud room, or maybe a kids storage space?
    • Do you need to have a computer or tablet within the kitchen space? If yes, would you need wired internet access?

Section 2: Prepping for Kitchen Remodeling work

  1. Lack of access to kitchen
    • Depending on how much work needs to be done, you may not have access to your kitchen for days or weeks. 
    • Make alternative plans for your meals, especially if you have young kids.
  2. Dust and noise
    • Our contractors aim to keep dusts and noise to the bare minimum, but there will inadvertently be some. Please be prepared. 
    • We keep our workspaces clean after every session, you do not have to worry about excess dust during non-working hours.
  3. Packing
    • You may need to allocate a space for your existing kitchen appliances, accessories and any miscellaneous items.
    • We can provide external temporary storage spaces as well as movers and packers to help.

Kitchen Remodeling Estimate

The cost of a kitchen remodeling project can vary widely depending on several factors such as:

  • Your kitchen size
  • Amount of remodeling work to be done
  • Material of your choice
  • Any cabinets or storage solutions to be installed or custom-built
  • Any kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories required

Vivant provides the full range of kitchen remodeling services. We consider the following in order to provide you with a reasonable quote:

  • Your budget
  • Your desired kitchen design or redesign
  • Your desired storage solutions
  • Labour cost

Our kitchen designers can provide you with an accurate estimate, based on your requirements. Contact us here.