How to prepare for a kitchen remodeling project

You’ve redesigned your kitchen and selected a trustworthy contractor, all that’s left is the actual kitchen remodeling work.

If you’re living in while remodeling work is being done, you’ll need to make some preparation for a smooth kitchen remodeling experience. This article will guide you through the process.

Plan for your meals during the project

You may not be able to access your kitchen freely while remodeling work is in progress.

Instead, you can choose to install a temporary kitchen, settle for food delivery or choose to eat out. 

Do you need a temporary kitchen?

If you prefer to have the option to cook during the project, it is best to install a temporary kitchen. Here’s what you’ll need to prepare: 

Allocate Space

First, decide where you would like your temporary kitchen to be?

Next, allocate sufficient space for a temporary stove and work area for cooking.

Identify what you need

If you are doing a partial kitchen remodeling, your stoves and sink may remain accessible throughout the project.

Otherwise, you may need to install a portable stove or use an electric stove. Likewise for the sink.  

Identify any other kitchen appliances you may need during this period, for example: microwave, coffee machine, water kettle, etc.

Frequently used tools and condiments

You may not have access to your full range of kitchen tools and condiments during the project.

It is best to pick out the essential tools for your temporary kitchen.

You can choose to store these in tupperwares or temporary carton boxes in your temporary kitchen.

Prep your kitchen

Once you have retrieved the main appliances, tools and condiments for your temporary kitchen, it’s time to pack and prep your kitchen for the remodeling work. Here’s a checklist to help you with this process: 

– Preparing your cabinets

If you are replacing your kitchen cabinets, you’ll need to empty them before the project. Pack your items and store them in well-labelled boxes. You can ask your contractor for logistical help. 

If you are not replacing your cabinets, you can choose to leave them as is. However, to prevent the collection of dust or debris, it is advisable to seal and cover all cabinets, drawers or storage systems during the duration of your project. 

Turn off power and utilities 

As a safety precaution, do switch off all power, water and gas supply to your kitchen before your remodeling project.

You can engage an electrician or get your contractor to help you with this. 

Waste Management

Depending on the scale of your kitchen remodeling project, you may need to arrange for proper waste management. A one-stop kitchen contractor would include this as part of their service. You should check on this before work begins. 

Need more help?

It can be overwhelming if you are prepping for your kitchen remodeling work on your own.

Reach out to your kitchen contractor, they will be a good source of information.