Storage Solutions

The perfect Vivant Kitchen is custom designed around your workflow and style.

It must have modern storage solutions and fittings that make intelligent use of space, and provide immediate access to everything you need. 

It must have a luxurious feel with every motion. From soft closing cabinet doors to pull-out modules and drawers that glide quietly and effortlessly.

It must be built with material and workmanship that lasts.

A Vivant Kitchen must be all that, and look stunning at the same time.  

With a vision like that, we need solid partners to fulfill our promise. Partners like:


Blum have spent years of research and development creating products to provide optimum storage solutions.

How have they done this?

By ensuring that all of the internal volume of the cabinets is intelligently used with full and immediate access to even the most difficult recesses of the internal space.

Equip your kitchen with smooth drawers and internal pull outs using full-extension runner and drawer boxes like Blum’s LEGRABOX.

Organise your kitchen cabinets and drawers using flexible organisational systems like the AMBIA-LINE’s  galleries plus dividers. 

Pair your smart storage with a seamless experience with the BLUMOTION soft close, the SERVO-DRIVE electro-mechanical opening system and the AVENTOS lift system. 

All of our products and systems combine seamlessly to create a superbly functioning kitchen. As Blum say: “We don’t make kitchens, we make kitchens work”.


Established in 1923 in Nagold, Germany, Häfele today is one of the world’s leading producers of furniture fittings, architectural hardware as well as electronic locking systems.

With 37 subsidiaries and wide product portfolio presence in more than 150 countries and a history of over 90 years of experience and continuous innovation, Häfele is developing exponentially and becoming a world’s leading home as well as project solution provider.

Some of their star products include:

LeMans II

Following a long line of tradition. An invention that generates ideas. LeMans is the only corner unit solution that combines very high space utilisation with outstanding access. No wonder, because LeMans trays swing right out in front of the cabinet. You can store a lot of pots and pans – and each one is always in easy reach. LeMans trays move independently of each other.

Tandem Pantry

TANDEM offers completely new potential for food storage – just opening the door is an inspiration. In a clever piece of engineering, the back shelf element moves automatically towards the user as the door is pulled open. Kitchen users can check contents at a glance and easily reach what they want. The shelf element on the door is designed to make best use of the available space.